Scottish government: Make farming work for nature, climate and people

Farming is vital to Scotland’s future. As well as producing food, it is key to restoring nature, fighting climate change, and revitalising Scotland’s rural areas.

At present, farming accounts for almost a quarter of Scotland’s emissions. Many farming practices also cause pollution and severely deplete our wildlife. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Across Scotland, a growing number of farmers are managing their land in ways that benefit nature, the climate, and the people who live in and visit the countryside. Farmers and crofters are custodians of the land, so let’s support them to look after it.

Right now, the Scottish government is considering how to replace the decades-old system of funding for farming. This provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to enable all farmers and crofters to protect and restore Scotland’s unique natural environment.

Tell the Scottish government to make farming work for nature, the climate, and all of Scotland’s people.


To Mairi Gougeon, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands

Make Scotland’s new system of farm funding help all farmers and crofters manage their land in ways that restore nature, fight climate change, and revitalise Scotland’s rural areas for the benefit of everyone.

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