Tell your Holyrood candidates to champion Scotland’s nature

We all love Scotland’s nature. But will the people we elect to represent us in the Scottish parliament do enough to help nature thrive?

Almost half of Scotland’s species have declined in numbers since 1970, and one in nine is at risk of extinction. It doesn’t have to be this way. We know that if we create the right conditions, nature can recover.

The people we elect on 6 May will have a crucial role in determining the future of Scotland’s precious wildlife and habitats. So let’s ask every candidate to pledge to champion nature.

Add your name to our ‘map petition’ and we’ll contact every candidate from the five main parties to show them the strength of support for nature in their region.

Add your name

I call on the Holyrood candidates in my region to sign [or ‘back’?] the Nature Champion pledge:

“We are facing a global nature and climate emergency which requires transformative action. With 1 in 9 species in Scotland at risk of national extinction, we need to implement long-term ambitious measures for the recovery of Scotland’s natural environment. I pledge to do everything in my power to support policies and strategies which deliver the recovery of Scotland’s wildlife and natural habitats and increase biodiversity. If elected to the Scottish Parliament, I pledge to champion nature.”

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