Make farming work for nature, climate and people

Farming is vital to Scotland’s future. As well as producing food, farmers and crofters manage three quarters of Scotland’s land. But current methods make farming one of the top three sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland and a major cause of wildlife loss.

The Scottish government spends more than half a billion pounds on farm funding every year. But the money isn’t helping farmers and crofters restore nature or tackle climate change.

We can change this.

Right now, the Scottish government is asking people to give their views on the future of farming by responding to its proposals for a new Agriculture Bill.

We need a new farm funding system that helps farmers and crofters reduce chemical and pesticide use, adopt low carbon farming methods, make space for nature by creating woodlands, hedgerows and field margins - and much more.

Use your voice to help ALL farmers and crofters protect and restore Scotland’s unique natural environment as well as producing food.


Ask the Scottish government to replace the decades-old farm funding system with one that works for nature, climate and people.

Add your own message at the start of the email below, telling the Scottish government why you care.
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