Create ocean recovery zones for Scotland’s seas

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Scotland’s seas are amazing.

They are home to an incredible variety of wildlife, from whales and basking sharks to Northern gannets and coldwater coral reefs. They provide food, jobs and enjoyment. Our seas are also vital in the fight against climate change, as marine ecosystems can store even more carbon than those on land.

But we are facing an ocean emergency.

The way we use the sea has destroyed vital habitats and driven many species close to collapse.

We must help Scotland’s seas recover, and fast. On paper, Scotland already has a network of ‘marine protected areas’, but most of these give little real protection as many industrial activities, such as high impact fishing and fish farming, are allowed to continue within them. But if we can properly protect Scotland’s seas, we can help restore them to health.

The strongest form of protection - where we stop all forms of damaging activity - is to be known in Scotland as a ‘Highly Protected Marine Area’. Right now, the Scottish government is asking for views on proposals to give this highly protected status to at least 10% of Scotland’s seas.

If properly implemented alongside other sustainable management measures, these Highly Protected Marine Areas could become ocean recovery zones, providing crucial sanctuaries for marine life, helping support a sustainable future for industries including fishing, and benefiting nature and people for generations to come.

Scotland’s seas
need your voice!

The more public support there is for ocean recovery zones, the more likely they are to become a reality.

Urge the Scottish government to help our seas recover.

Create ocean recovery zones for Scotland’s seas


Ask Environment Minister Mairi McAllan to create Highly Protected Marine Areas, banning all damaging activities from at least 10% of Scotland’s seas.

1573 people have emailed Mairi McAllan. Will you help us reach 2,000?

Add your own message at the start of the email below, telling the Scottish government why Scotland’s seas are important to you.

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