The way we use stuff is destroying nature and the climate.

More than 80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from the stuff we use and often throw away. By constantly extracting raw materials to make more stuff, we’re wrecking nature around the world.

In Scotland we consume about three times our share of the planet’s resources – clearly an unsustainable and unfair situation.

We can stop this. Scotland can create a more ‘circular’ economy in which products are made to last, waste and pollution are minimised, and everything is used again and again.

This isn’t just about individuals recycling more. The Scottish government must set clear targets to cut our use, and waste, of raw materials – our Earth’s resources. Then it must introduce comprehensive policies to meet the targets and deal with harmful and polluting materials.

Stop stuff stuffing up the planet. Tell the Scottish Government to act now.

Fix our relationship with stuff


To Lorna Slater MSP, Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity,
I want to see a Scotland where we minimise our impact on nature and the climate by wasting less and using the planet’s resources more wisely. I call on the Scottish government to introduce a Circular Economy Bill that sets clear targets for reducing Scotland’s use of raw materials, and to introduce policies to meet those targets, including:  

  • requiring that products are repairable and supporting reuse
  • phasing out single-use items where there are practicable reusable alternatives
  • incentivising the use of recycled materials
  • phasing out the use of materials that are harmful or can’t be recycled

1835 have signed. Help us reach 2,000.

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